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Thoughts: 5 Benefits of Spending Time Alone

I love spending time by myself every once in a while. What benefits does that quality woo saa down time give you?

I don’t know whether it was starting out life as an only child (my brother is 10 years younger than me), or I am just one of those peeps who doesn’t need other people around to be happy. I would rather say I prefer to choose to have the special people in my life, rather than needing them.

The benefits I find to be alone…

1. Relax and clear your mind: Run a lovely bubble bath, light some candles and just let your mind clear. Whether it be reading your favourite book, or a cheesy film, your can just please yourself, have a good old woo saa and emerge generally feeling better about the world.

2. Allows you to find yourself: If you don’t know your own strengths and limits, without anyone else are you ever going to truly know yourself?

3. Resets your priorities: Life moves so fast; it is so easy to feel like you’re on some kind of perpetual hamster wheel, not knowing how you ended up where you are. I think this is especially so with relationships and careers. Sometimes, just having that time to sit down and think: Is this what I really want? No, then what can I do about it?

4. Allows you to gain self-confidence: The fact I am independent, means I am not afraid to do things on my own. Whether it be getting the train to somewhere new to explore, and of course take photographs! Or just go and sit in a coffee shop and read a book. This then translates into my life. I decided at 36 I wanted to move to London and change careers. Of course, that took lots of soul-searching that it was the right decision, but I had the confidence to do it.

5. Improves your relationships: Having time alone and apart from each other, can often help improve your relationship because you will appreciate the time you spend together. Plus you will never run out of anything to talk about 🙂

Do you love a bit of quality me time? 

Lots of love, 
Hels xoxo

*Hand Love Heart by the Sea photo – picjumbo image courtesy of Viktor Hanacek

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