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Treating acne prone skin

When I was younger, I had very acne prone skin. I can’t remember exactly when my skin finally cleared up, but I remember thinking it would never clear and how upset that made me feel. Thankfully, now all I ever get is the odd few spots if my skin isn’t feeling too good.

I hope in writing this, I can help anyone who is feeling like I did.


Firstly, seek medical help

I would say one of the biggest mistakes I made was not going to the doctor when my skin started to get bad, as I suffered for a long time before going and asking for help. The doctor prescribed antibiotics, which after a while really cleared up the spots.



After medical treatment, my skin was fairly clear, but then I would have periods of bad breakouts. I would go back to the doctors and get antibiotics again, but I didn’t have anything to prevent the breakouts.I came across Quinoderm and I can’t describe how much this helped me! Quinoderm is available as an over the counter only medicine. It comes in either 5% or 10% benzoyl peroxide and it is amazing for clearing up and then keeping the spots at bay.

However, be warned that it does bleach fabrics, so beware of wearing coloured tops and duvet covers! Still years later I still buy white duvet covers out of habit!

A good skincare routine

Once my spots stabilised, I found regularly exfoliating helped. I liked Clean & Clear because it doesn’t dry your skin, as dryness encourages the skin to produce more oil.



Don’t be afraid to use moisturiser

I dreaded moisturiser, as I thought it equalled spots. Then later, I started to worry as I aged, I would have skin damage if I didn’t start to introduce moisturising into my skin caring regime.
A lovely lady at Boots got me to try the No 7 Beautiful Skin range, as it is targeted towards normal/oily skin. I remember being so frightened I would end up with loads of spots after using it – it never did thankfully!

Face powder

I find that regularly applying face powder during the day, personally for me, it prevents too much oil and therefore spots.

My favorite is the now discontinued Boots No 7 (sorry Boots, I don’t like the replacement!), this is available from some great sellers on Ebay.

I hope this helps x

Thanks for reading xoxo

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