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Love Life Eats June 2014

Here is a little round up of what I have been wearing, doing and eating this last weekend.


I have been loving the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in 330 Satsuma. It’s a really vibrant summery orange colour. It looks great when the sun is shining, which unfortunately it hasn’t been much this week. Oh well, my nails look summery, even if the sky doesn’t! The colour looks great with a tan, but I am really pale at the moment and it still looks good against my skin tone. I love this colour if you haven’t guessed 🙂


I have become
determined to overcome some of my fears. I think it is so silly that we let our fears hamper enjoying life to the full.  I have written a long list of all the fears I want to overcome. So, starting with the The Manchester Wheel, I will start to face my fears! Eek!!
The next big fear I want to conquer is water/swimming. I
can’t promise that will be a post any time soon though!


As a reward for my bravery we opted for Pizza Express in Piccadilly Gardens opposite The Manchester Wheel. I had my usual Leggera Pomodoro Pesto. I like the salad
in the middle of the Leggera, but I’m greedy, so I always get garlic bread
with cheese on the side too! Has anyone noticed the Legerra don’t have as much
rocket anymore though, which is a bit disappointing!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
Thanks for reading xoxo



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