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What Made Me Happy In August

Happy September! Ok, so how is it September already. I know it’s a sign of getting old, but this year seems to be going faster than them all. August was a challenging month, to say the least. Motivating me, even more, to try to focus on the positives that happened. I’ve massively been getting back into journaling and writing down what I am grateful for. I thought as a bit of fun I would do a more personal post and share a few of the things that made me happy in August and a little life update.

What Made Me Happy In August

It was my birthday month

I had a very quiet birthday in contrast to my big birthday last year. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet with my birthday twin, my friend Claire Kate Reynolds. We must rectify this soon!

Milan with my mum

I live 200 odd miles from my mum, so it was so nice to spend some quality time together. Milan is a vibrant city, full of stunning architecture. We got an absolute bargain too for 3 nights and flights for £249 each. 

The photo was taken just around the corner from our hotel. I love the arty graffiti in contrast to the architecture.

Spending quality time with important peeps

Carrying on with making time to spend with my mum, I wanted to make time to spend time with friends and family. This month, my focus has shifted towards quality experiences. 

Plus, if ever I start to feel a little low, I usually go into hibernation mode, meaning I don’t see people as much. From past experience, I now realise that hiding away is not the answer as it puts you into a lower mood. Instead, I made sure that I surrounded myself with important people. It’s amazing how just getting out of the house, going for a walk and having a chat can do for your mood.

It was also Dan’s mum’s 70th last weekend, so we stayed in Adlington Lock, Kent. We went last year for his dad’s 70th. Such a gorgeous place if you’ve never been.

Decluttering and deciding things need to change

The clutter I got rid of a few years ago had started to mount up again. We couldn’t open a cupboard without it being rammed full. You couldn’t see what was actually inside. I mean, for example, I found a gorgeous Radley bag I couldn’t even remember I had because it was under a load of clutter! 

Surrounding myself with clutter isn’t the answer. In fact, it makes me feel worse. I am determined to start living more intentionally. Focusing on experiences, not things. And any purchases will be made more purposefully and ethically sourced with the environment in mind. Going forward, I am going to start to list items I buy to make myself more accountable. 

The simple things 

We have been growing our own tomatoes again. The third-year running. They are yet to change to red, but hopefully soon. Although, saying that a few years ago we patiently waited for the tomatoes to turn red, only to Google ‘Golden Queen’ to discover we had grown yellow tomatoes. Over-ripe tomatoes anyone!

We also had a little day trip to the seaside. It’s amazing the benefits of spending quality time in your happy places can do.

Next month 

September will hopefully bring a bit of a change career-wise and a move towards a more admin/office role. Those of you who might know, a few years back changed career from banking to Teaching. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience during the NQT year, which not only knocked my confidence in general, but affected my love for the job. Don’t get me wrong since then I’ve had some really positive experiences and I’ve met some incredible people, who are now true friends. I just can’t seem to get the passion back and that then has a knock on my mental health, so let’s see where the new chapter/direction takes me. 


What made you happy in August?

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