Where did 2016 go? I can’t believe we are only weeks away from Christmas! That means it’s almost to time to buy the tree – whoop!

Last week I attended the Blogosphere Christmas Market, where The London Tea Company where showcasing their new tea, Winter Wonderment. The goodie bag had a pack of the tea and a gorgeous tea towel. Ok, you know you’ve just moved house and you’re getting old when you get excited by a tea towel. Am I right?

I love their teas. Raspberry Inferno was my favourite over summer as it was perfect hot or cold for summer days and nights.

Now, winter is almost here. It is definitely feeling colder isn’t it (as I sit here sipping my tea all wrapped up in the sofa blanket), they have produced this gorgeous refreshing peppermint ice blast inspired tea.

As the name suggests, the tea doesn’t have a traditional Christmas smell or taste. Instead it is an intense peppermint blast. This would be ideal if you have the dreaded winter sniffles! Peppermint is also great for calming delicate tummies and aiding digestion from all those Christmas treats. TMI, but I have IBS so drink peppermint tea regularly and it really helps.

The tea bags are shaped and look just like the Teapigs, so you get the real intensive flavour as they leaves are free to swirl around the little triangular bag.

I do prefer more traditional Christmas teas for this time of year, but I think peppermint is a good all year round tea. It’s the perfect afternoon pick me up!

What’s your favourite tea?
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